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The 13th International Symposium on Traditional Medicine in Toyama (ISTM2011)

The 13th International Symposium on Traditional Medicine in Toyama (ISTM2011) “The International Front Line of the Clinical/Preclinical Research for Prevention and Therapy of Problematic Diseases Utilizing Traditional and Natural Medicines”


I am very pleased to report here that the 13th International symposium on traditional medicine(ISTM 2011) was held on 13-14 October 2011, organized by Institute of Natural Medicine(INM), University of Toyama.

We were honored to have 18 top speakers from around the world who are playing a leading role in the frontline of each research field. In this symposium, we particularly focused on preclinical/clinical researches for prevention and therapy of problematic diseases utilizing traditional and natural medicines. It was a great success and provided the excellent opportunity to discuss how traditional medicine/traditional medicare system contributes to prevention/therapy of problematic diseases such as gastrointestinal disorders, atopic dermatitis, cognitive/emotional disorders, etc., which have no effective therapeutics treatment protocols.

As a world’s leading academic conference for traditional medicine research, ISTM has been taking place every two years under the joint auspices of Toyama Prefecture. In ISTM2011, we hosted a number of participants who share the same interest with our guest speakers, therefore we were able to have very active and fruitful discussions. I, the President of ISTM2011 and a member of INM, would like to express my sincere gratitudes to all the guest speakers and participants for their contribution to this symposium.
Here, INM has made the program and proceedings of ISTM2011 open accessible not only for commemoration but also for reference of future participants in ISTM.

I strongly believe that ISTM will continue to take a central role to trigger new progress in traditonal medicine research and gain its importance to the public health in the world.

February 1, 2012

Kinzo Matsumoto

Kinzo Matsumoto
The Organizing Committee for ISTM 2011 in Toyama