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Mission of Institute of Natural Medicine

Traditional medicine is regarded as accumulation of the experience intellect that humans have been performed the prevention and treatment of diseases utilizing the natural providence and blessings. With a mission, Institute of Natural Medicine aims to contribute the evaluation of traditional medicine(s) scientifically using high technology that have been developed remarkably in late years, for constructing a new medical and pharmaceutical system with harmonization between the Eastern and Western medical systems, and to establishing holistic medical cares including the maintenance of natural environment. For the purpose of achieving this mission, our institute promotes the following principal subjects such as 1) the ensuring and preserving of natural medicinal resources, 2) the fundamental researches of medical and pharmaceutical sciences, and harmonization of the Eastern and Western medical systems, 3) the establishment of scientific diagnosis and medical treatment in the system of Kampo medicine, and the nurturing of people who will be engaged in Kampo medicine, 4) the foundation of a central base dispatching the information of traditional medicine researches, building up a closer connection with researchers in our institute, and performing co-operative works with domestic and international scientists.

Prof. komatsu

Katsuko KOMATSU,

Director of Institute of Natural Medicine,

University of Toyama

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Institute of Natural Medicine
University of Toyama
2630 Sugitani, Toyama 930-0194, Japan
Tel: 076-434-2281



1963.04 Founded, Research Institute for WAKAN-YAKU (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Toyama Univ.)
Founded, Department of Development for Natural Drug Resources (later Materia Medica)
1964.04Founded, Department of Pharmacology
1965.04Founded, Department of Applied Biochemistry (later Clinical Application)
1969.04Founded, Department of Patho-Biochemistry (later Pathogenic Biochemistry)
1972.05Founded, Department of Natural Products Chemistry
1974.06Founded, Research Institute for WAKAN-YAKU (Toyama Univ.)
1975.05Started publishing periodically "Annual Report of Research Institute for WAKAN-YAKU"
1978.06Founded, Research Institute for WAKAN-YAKU (Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical Univ.)
1980.03Constructed, The building (2468m2)
1987.10Founded, Department of Central Nervous Function Control System (temporary)
1988.10Founded, Department of Immunological Function Control System (foreign visiting professor, temporary)
1990.04Founded, Department of Cell-Resources Engineering (temporary)
1996.04Founded, Analytical Research Center for Ethnomedicines
1997.03Discontinued, Department of Central Nervous Function Control System
1997.04Founded, Department of Analysis of Homeostasis (temporary)
1998.03Discontinued, Department of Immunological Function Control System
1998.04Founded, Foreign visiting professor in Analytical Research Center for Ethnomedicines
1999.04Founded, Department of Kampo Diagnostics
2000.03Discontinued, Department of Cell-Resources Engineering
2000.04Founded, Department of Metabolic Engineering
2002.04Founded, Department of Kampo Diagnostics Changed, Department of Natural Drug Resources to Department of Phamacognosy
2004.07.01Founded, Department of Kampo-Pharmaceutics
2004.05.11 Founded, Division of Gastrointestinal Phathophysiology
2004.10.19 Changed, Division of Pharmacology to Division of Medicinal Pharmacology
2004.11.16 Changed, Japanese Name of the Division
2005.08.01 Japanese Name of the Research Center for Ethromedicines was changed, and three divisions of Biofunctional Evalution, visiting professors, International Cooperative Researches together with Museum of Materia Medical were established
2005.10.01 Japanese Name of the Institute of Natural Medicine was changed after integration of three universities, Toyama University, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University and Takaoka junior college
2007.04 Founded, Division of Biomedical Informatics (temporary)
2008.04 Founded, Department of Presymptomatic Health Promotion
2010.03 Alteration and extension of Museum of Materia Medica

Approved, the Institute as the Collaborative Research Center

Founded, Division of Kampo Diagnostics
2010.11 Founded, Research Promotion Office
2011.01 Founded, Division of Natural Drug Discovery

Discontinued, Division of Metabolic Engineering

Discontinued, Department of Presymptomatic Health Promotion

2012.03 Discontinued, Division of Clinical Application

Reorganized, Division of Natural Products Chemistry

Reorganized, Division of Visiting Professors, Division of International Cooperative Research, Division of Biomedical Informatics to Division of International Cooperative Research
Reorganized, Research Promotion Office to Research Promotion Office/Division of Nutritional Biochemistry
Reorganized, Division of Biofunctional Evaluation, Research Center for Ethnomedicine to Division of Neuromedical Science, Department of Bioscience
2015.04 Reorganaized, Division of Kampo-Pharmaceutics, Donation Department to Division of Kampo-Phaemaceutics, Department of Medicinal Resources
  Founded, Department of Translational Research, Founded, Division of Kampo Translational Research, Division of Natural Drug Discovery, Division of Cemo-Bioinformatics
2016.04 Reorganized, Research Promotion Office to Research Promotion Office for Science- Based Natural Medicine
2017.03 Founded, Integrated Research Center for Eastern and Western Medicine
  Discontinued, Division of Kampo-Pharmaceutics, Department of Medicinal Resources
2018.03 Discontinued, Research Promotion Office for Science-Based Natural Medicine
2019.03 Discontinued, Integrated Research Center for Eastern and Western Medicine