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Division of Medicinal Pharmacology, Department of Bioscience

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Professor Kinzo Matsumoto
Kinzo Matsumoto, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Michihisa Tohda
Associate Professor
Michihisa Tohda, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor Hironori Fujiwara
Assistant Professor
Hironori Fujiwara, Ph. D.

Research Outline

In this laboratory, we investigate pharmacological effects and underlying mechanisms of traditional medicines which particularly target cognitive and neuropsychiatric disorders. Our studies aim 1) to clarify pathophysiology and onset mechanisms underlying cognitive and neuropsychiatric disorders, 2) to elucidate quantitatively the pharmacological effects of traditional medicines using model systems for the disorders, and 3) to identify the active components of traditional medicines, molecular mechanisms of their actions, and endogenous factors mediating the actions.

I. Experimental studies on pathophysiology, onset mechanisms, and prevention/therapy of neuropsychiatric disorders in animal models
1) Pharmacological and neurobiological analysis aiming to overcome diseases of mind and memories related to dementia.
① Elucidation of traditional medicine as anti-dementia/neuroprotective drugs, and clarification of the mechanisms underlying their actions using animal models of dementia.
② Clarification and experimental application of intrinsic neuroprotective mechanisms using in vitro neuronal systems.
2) Pharmacological and neurobiological studies aiming to overcome diseases of mind and memories related to developmental disorders.
We develop animal models of developmental disorders with symptoms like impaired sociability, attention-deficits, aggression, memory deficits, and investigate Kampo medicine-based therapeutic and preventive strategies for the disorders.

II. Molecular biological studies on the actions of psychotropic drugs and traditional medicines
1) Studies to identify the depression-related intrinsic factors and to develop antidepressants with novel mechanisms, on the basis of the Wakan-yaku theories such as Yin-Yang and 5-Elememts.
2) Analysis of endogenous and exogenous factors mediating anti-dementia or anti-stress effects of traditional medicines.

  Dementia, Developmental and mood disorders, Epigenetics, Wakan-yaku theory