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Division of Pathogenic Biochemistry, Department of Bioscience

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Yoshihiro Hayakawa, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Satoru Yokoyama
Assistant Professor
Satoru Yokoyama, Ph.D.

Research Outline

The major purpose of our research division is to investigate the pathogenesis of various diseases such as cancer metastasis and immunological diseases, and to explore molecular mechanisms of pharmacological effect of traditional medicines and their chemical components in those diseases by using biochemical and immunological approach. Our division is also aim to study the holistic patterns of symptoms and individual pathogenic alterations, so-called “Sho”, by which is able to diagnose the diseases status and the ways of treatment by determining prescriptions of Kampo medicines. We are studying the “Sho” to elucidate the pharmacological effect of the traditional Kampo medicines. The following major projects are currently undergoing in our division.

Study of innate immune responses and its application for drug discovery
1) Study of NK cell biology and its roles in immunity
2) Role of innate immune responses in cancer progression
3) Immunological study of inflammatory & allergic diseases

Control of tumor growth and metastasis
1) In vivo imaging of cancer metastasis model and its application for drug development
2) Regulatory mechanism of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) in cancer metastasis
3) Molecular mechanism of combination cancer therapies by inducing apoptosis

Basic research for Japanese traditional (Kampo) medicine
1) Molecular mechanisms of traditional medicines in the models of tumor metastasis
2) Modulation of immune responses for treating immunological diseases by Kampo medicines
3) Development of Kampo signal panel and its application for understanding effect of Kampo medicines
  Cancer, Invasion & Metastasis, Inflammatory & Allergic Diseases, Kampo Medicines, Molecular Targeted Drugs, Apoptosis, NK Cells, Vaccine, In vivo Imaging, Transcription Factors

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