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Division of Kampo Diagnostics

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Professo Naotoshi Shibahara
Naotoshi Shibahara, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Prof. Keiichi Koizumi
Associate Professor
Keiichi Koizumi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Michiko Jo, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor
Michiko Jo, Ph.D.

Research Outline

Kampo medicines (Crude drugs and Kampo formulations) have been used for the treatment of various diseases, and are expected to be useful for treatment and prevention of chronic and/or intractable diseases. In Kampo medicine, treatments are done based on “Sho”. The “Sho” is expressed in the terminology of Kampo medicine, and is a patient’s condition under the concepts of kampo medicine. To come into wider use, the concepts of Kampo medicine and "Sho" have to be objective, and the evidences have to be accumulated by basic and clinical researches with crude drugs or kampo formulations.
The purposes of this division are to depersonalize a diagnosis system peculiar to kampo medicine by basics and clinical researches, and to establish a universal education curriculum. In this division, the clinical researches (clinical effect of kampo formulation on diabetes, renal failure, dysmenorrhea and muscle cramps) and the basic researches (effect of kampo medicines to diabetes, obesity, renal dysfunction, edema, diarrhea etc.) are performed.


1) Basic and clinical research pharmacological actions of Kampo prescriptions from the view point of Kampo diagnostics.
2) Basic and clinical research on some parameters showing the state of illness with the progress of diagnosis based on the traditional objective concepts.
3) Development of a medical training program in Kampo Diagnostics on the basis of integration of the traditional concepts with the evaluation of the western medicine.
  Kampo formulation, Functional mechanism, Concepts of Kampo medicine, Scientific evaluation

Examination of Pulse Organ-bath method

Examination of Pulse

It is the one of the most important examinations in Kampo diagnostics to judge the condition of patient.

Organ-bath method

The reaction of thoracic aorta of rat to the stimulation with acetylcholine and/or NO is observed