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Division of Natural Drug Discovery, Department of Translational Research

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Associate aprofessor Suresh Awale
Associate Professor
Suresh Awale, Ph. D.

Research Outline

 The major research aim of our Division is the discovery of anticancer agents from natural sources by targeting cancer cells’ characteristic survival feature, such as tolerance to nutrient starvation. Our research is focused at the interface between chemistry and biology with an aim to discover lead compounds for the development of anticancer drugs. We are actively engaged in the following research areas.


1) Screening medicinal plants from different origins (e.g., Japanese Kampo, Ayurveda, etc.) for anticancer activity by employing unique anti-austerity strategy developed by our group.

2) Discovering novel anticancer drug candidates by using bioactivity as an index. The active plants are subjected to bioactivity-guided isolation and identification by utilizing state-of-the-art chromatographic techniques (e.g., MPLC, HPLC, etc.) and spectroscopic techniques (e.g., NMR, MS, UV, IR, CD, etc.). The structure-activity relationship of the lead compounds are investigated by studying their effects on the panel of other human cancer cell lines (e.g., PANC-1, MIA Paca-2, KLM-1, NOR-P1, Capan-1, PSN-1, Hela, A549, HepG2, etc.). Potential candidates are evaluated for their in vivo antitumor activity in the xenograft model.

3) Elucidating the mechanism of the novel anticancer agents against the key cancer cells’ survival pathway, and quantitative metabolome analysis using FT-NMR and FT-MS.

  Drug Discovery and Development Research, Traditional Medicine, Kampo, Natural Products, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), FT-MS, Cancer Research, Antiausterity Strategy, Mechanism of Action, Chemical Biology, Cancer Metabolomics, Biomarker Discovery.