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Division of Chemo-Bioinformatics, Department of Translational Research

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Associate aprofessor Suresh Awale
Associate Professor
Makito Oku, Ph. D.

Research Outline

We are trying to improve the public databases that are maintained by Institute of Natural Medicine for further data enhancement and better usability. We are also studying several research topics associated with natural medicines by using bioinformatics and mathematical approaches. For example, we collaborate with other laboratories of University of Toyama, and perform gene expression analysis in order to find out novel biomarkers for complex diseases such as obesity and inflammatory bowel disease. The identified biomarkers are also tested whether their expression profile is altered under the administration of Kampo products.


  database, bioinformatics, mathematics, gene expression analysis

Fig: An example of gene expression analysis using a public data GSE2565. (left) A heatmap of differentially expressed genes selected by a commonly used method. (right) A heatmap of highly fluctuated genes selected by a novel method.