The Traditional Indian Medicine is based on Ayurveda (Ayus = Life, Veda = Knowledge), a philosophy created in India.A complete system of medicine has been developed based on the Ayurvedic philosophy called as the Ayurvedic system of medicine.Crude drugs used in Ayurvedic system of medicine are generally called Ayurvedic drugs.

HARITAKI (Chebulae Fructus): This crude drug was derived from Terminalia chebula Retzus of the family Combretaceae and introduced from India to China, and then to Japan.In the Chinese scripture of Buddhism, the name for HARITAKI is read as "Kelire" in Chinese and "Kariroku" in Japanese.
It is used as a tonic medicine in India, and as an astringent, a stegnotic and an antitussive in China.

Chebulae Fructus (HARITAKI) is frequently
used in theTibetan Medicine, called
"A-ru-ra (A-ru)".