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Books and Reviews

1) Lirdprapamongkol K., Svasti J., Sakurai H., and Saiki I.:
Anticancer effects of vanillin.
Beer in Health and Disease Prevention, Vol. 1. (Eds.) Preedy V.R. and Watson R.R. Elsevier Ltd., London, 2008, pp260-270

Original Papers

1) Matsumoto C., Kojima T., Ogawa K., Kamegai S., Oyama T., Shibagaki Y., Kawasaki T., Fujinaga H., Takahashi K., Hikiami H., Goto H., Kiga C., Koizumi K., Sakurai H., Muramoto H., Shimada Y., Yamamoto M., Terasawa K., Takeda S., and Saiki I.:
A proteomic approach for the diagnosis of "Oketsu" (blood stasis), a pathophysiological concept of Japanese traditional (Kampo) medicine.

Evid. Based Complement. Alternat. Med., 5(4): 463-74, 2008. [Abstract]
2) Choo M.K. Sakurai H., Kim D.H., and Saiki I.:
A ginseng saponin metabolite suppresses tumor necrosis factor-α-promoted metastasis by suppressing nuclear factor-κB signaling in murine colon cancer cells.

Oncol. Rep., 19: 595-600, 2008.
3) Akashi T., Koizumi K., Tsuneyama K., Saiki I., Takano Y. and Fuse H.:
Chemokine receptor CXCR4 expression and prognosis in patients with metastatic prostate cancer.

Cancer Sci., 99: 539-542, 2008. [Abstract]
4) Ueno Y., Sakurai H., Tsunoda S., Matsuo M., Choo M.K., Koizumi K., and Saiki I.:
Heregulin-induced activation of ErbB3 by EGFR tyrosine kinase activity promotes tumor growth and metastasis in melanoma cells.
Int. J. Cancer, 123: 340-347, 2008. [Abstract]
5) Chino A., Sekiya N., Ohno K., Hirasaki Y., Hayashi K., Kasahara Y., Kita T., Hiyama Y., Namiki T., Saiki I., and Terasawa K.:
Clinical application of juzentaihoto for skin diseases and its possible mechanism. (in Japanese)
Kampo Medicine, 59:63-71, 2008.
6) Hashimoto I., Koizumi K., Tatematsu M., Minami T., Cho S., Takeno N., Nakashima A., Sakurai H., Saito S., Tsukada K., and Saiki I.:
Blocking on the CXCR4/mTOR signaling pathway induces the anti-metastatic properties and type II programmed cell death, autophagic cell death in peritoneal disseminated gastric cancer cells.
Eur. J. Cancer, 44: 1022-1029, 2008. [Abstract]
7) Andoh T, Sugiyama K, Fujita M, Iida Y, Nojima H, Saiki I, and Kuraishi Y.:
Pharmacological evaluation of morphine and non-opioid analgesic adjuvants in a mouse model of skin cancer pain.
Biol. Pharm. Bull., 31: 520-522, 2008. [Abstract]
8) Fujita M., Andoh T., Saiki I., and Kuraishi Y.:
Involvement of endothelin and ET
A endothelin receptor in mechanical allodynia in mice given orthotopic melanoma inoculation.
J. Pharmacol. Sci., 106: 257-263, 2008. [Abstract]
9) Kamiyama H., Usui T., Sakurai H., Shoji M., Hayashi Y., Kakeya H., and Osada H.:
Epoxyquinol B, a naturally occurring pentaketide dimer, inhibits NF-κB signaling by crosslinking TAK1.
Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem., 72: 1894-1900, 2008. [Abstract]
10) Kiga C., Sakurai H., Goto H., Hayashi K., Shimada Y., and Saiki I.:
Proteomic identification of haptoglobin as a stroke plasma biomarker in spontaneously hypertensive stroke- prone rats.
Life Sci., 83: 625-631, 2008. [Abstract]
11) Kiga C., Goto H., Sakurai H., Hayashi K., Hikiami H., Shimada Y., and Saiki I.:
Effects of traditional Japanese medicines (orengedokuto, goreisan and shichimotsukokato) on the onset of stroke and expression patterns of plasma proteins in spontaneously hypertensive stroke-prone rats.
J. Trad. Med., 25: 125-132, 2008.

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