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1) Jeong D, Watari K, Shirouzu T, Ono M, Koizumi K, Saiki I, Kim YC, Tanaka C, Higuchi R, Miyamoto T.:
Studies on lymphangiogenesis inhibitors from Korean and Japanese crude drugs.
Biol Pharm Bull., 36: 152-157, 2013.[Abstract]
2) Kee JY, Arita Y, Shinohara K, Ohashi Y, Sakurai H, Saiki I, Koizumi K.:
Antitumor immune activity by chemokine CX3CL1 in an orthotopic implantation of lung cancer model in vivo.
Mol Clin Oncol., 1:35-40, 2013.
3) Kee JY, Ito A, Hojo S, Hashimoto I, Igarashi Y, Tsukada K, Irimura T, Shibahara N, Nakayama T, Yoshie O, Sakurai H, Saiki I, Koizumi K.:
Chemokine CXCL16 suppresses liver metastasis of colorectal cancer via augmentation of tumor-infiltrating natural killer T cells in a murine model.
Oncol Rep., 29: 975-982, 2013. [Abstract]
4) Xue R, Han N, Sakurai H, Saiki I, Ye C, Yin J.:
Cytotoxic Cardiac Glycosides from the Roots of Streptocaulon juventas.
Planta Med., 79:157-162, 2013. [Abstract]
5) Abdelhamed S, Yokoyama S, Hafiyani L, Kalauni SK, Hayakawa Y, Awale S, Saiki I.:
Identification of plant extracts sensitizing breast cancer cells to TRAIL.
Oncol Rep., 29:1991-1998, 2013. [Abstract]
6) Haq R, Yokoyama S, Hawryluk EB, Jonsson GB, Frederick DT, McHenry K, Porter D, Tran TN, Love KT, Langer R, Anderson DG, Garraway LA, Duncan LM, Morton DL, Hoon DS, Wargo JA, Song JS, Fisher DE.:
BCL2A1 is a lineage-specific antiapoptotic melanoma oncogene that confers resistance to BRAF inhibition.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 110: 4321-4326, 2013. [Abstract]
7) Haq R, Shoag J, Andreu-Perez P, Yokoyama S, Edelman H, Rowe GC, Frederick DT, Hurley AD, Nellore A, Kung AL, Wargo JA, Song JS, Fisher DE, Arany Z, Widlund HR.:
Oncogenic BRAF Regulates Oxidative Metabolism via PGC1αand MITF.
Cancer Cell.
, 23: 302-315, 2013. [Abstract]
8) Takahashi K, Takeda K, Saiki I, Irimura T, Hayakawa Y.:
Functional roles of tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand-DR5 interaction in B16F10 cells by activating the nuclear factor-κB pathway to induce metastatic potential.
Cancer Sci., 104:558-562, 2013.[Abstract]
Takahashi K, Takeda K, Saiki I, Irimura T, Hayakawa Y.:
RAIL-DR5 interaction by NFk B pathway induces matastartic potential.Lung metastasis of intravenously inoculated B16F10 mouse melanoma cells stimulated witaout (left panels) or with TRAIL(right panels) was visualized by bioluminescent imaging in mice.
Canceer Sci., 104, Cover, 2013.
9) Lirdprapamongkol K, Sakurai H, Abdelhamed S, Yokoyama S, Athikomkulchai S, Viriyaroj A, Awale S, Ruchirawat S, Svasti J, Saiki I.:
Chrysin overcomos TRAIL resistance of cancer cells though Mcl-1 down-regulation by inhibiting STAT3 phoshorylation.
Int.J.Oncol., 43:329-337, 2013. [Abstract]
10) Refaat A, Abdelhamed S, Yagita H, Inoue H, Yokoyama S, Hayakawa Y Saiki I.:
Berberine enhances TRAIL (tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand)-mediated apoptosis in breast cancer.
Oncol.Letts., 6:840-844, 2013. [Abstract]
11) Shirouzu T, Watari K, Ono M, Koizumi K, Saiki I, Tanaka C,van Soest RW,Miyamoto T.:
Structure,Synthesis,and Biological Activity of a C-20 Bisacetylenic Alcohol from a Marine Sponge Callyspongia sp.
J.Nat.Prod. , 76: 1337-1342, 2013. [Abstract]
12) Jiang Y-L, Miyanaga S, Han X-Z, Tang L-Q, Igarashi Y, Saiki I, Liu Z-P.:
Synthesis and structure-activity relationships studies of brertemicin analogues as anti-invasive agents.
J.Antibiot., 66: 531-537, 2013. [Abstract]
13) Sato K, Shin M-S, Sakimura A, Kwanishi M, Zhou Y, Tanaka T, Yokoyama S, Koizumi K, Saiki I, Sakurai H.:
Inverse correlatio between threonine-669 phosphorylation and constitutive tyrosine phosphorylation in the asymmetric EGFR dimmer conformation.
Cancer Sci., 104: 1315-1322, 2013. [Abstract]
14) Alves C.P, Moraes M.H, Sousa J.F, Pontes C.L, Ramao A, Yokoyama S, Trindade D.M, Fisher D.E,Espreafico E M.:
Myosin-Vα Contributes to Manifestation of Malignant-Ralated Properties in Melanoma Cells.
J.Invest.Dermatol., in press, 2013. [Abstract]
15) Lirdprapamongkol K, Sakurai H, Abdelhamed S, Yokoyama S, Maruyama T, Athikomkulchai S, Viriyaroj A, Awale S, Yagita H, Ruchirawat S, Svasti J, Saiki I.:
A flavonoid chrysin suppresses hypoxic survival and metastatic growth of mouse breast cancer cells.
Oncol.Rep., 30: 2357-2364, 2013. [Abstract]
16) Li P, Furusawa Y, Wei Z-L, Sakurai H, Tabuchi Y, Zhao Q-L, Saiki I, Kondo T.:
TAK1 promotes cell survival by TNFAIP3 and IL-8 dependent and NF-kB independent pathway in HeLa cells exposed to heat stress.
Int.J.Hypertherm., 29: 688-695, 2013. [Abstract]
17) Akubar-Bahar M, Andoh T, Ogura K,Hayakawa Y, Saiki I, Kuraishi Y.:
Herbel medicine goshajinkigan prevents paclitaxel-induced mechanical allodynia without impairing anti-tumor activity of paclitaxel.
Evid.Based Complement Alternat.Med. , in press, 2013. [Abstract]
18) Kin R, Kato S, Kaneto N, Sakurai H, Hayakawa Y, Li Feng, Tanaka K, Saiki I,Yokoyama S.:
Procyanidin C1 from Cinnamomi Cortex inhibits TGF-β-induced epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in A549 lung cancer cell lines.
Int.J.Oncol., 43: 1901-1906, 2013. [Abstract]
19) Li F, Tanaka K, Watanabe S, Tezuka Y, Saiki I.:
Dipasperoside A,a novel pyridine alkaloid-coupled iridoid glucoside from the Roots of Dipsacus asper.
Chem.Pharm.Bull., in press, 2013. [Abstract]
20) Saiki I, Koizimi K, Goto H, Inujimas A, Namiki T, Raimura M, Kogure T,Tatsumi T,Inoue H,Sakai S,Oka H,Fujimoto M,Hikiami H,Sakurai H,Shibahara N,Shimada Y, Origasa H.:
The long-term effects of a Kampo medicine,Juzentaihoto,on maintenance of antibody titer in elderly people after influenza vaccination.
Evid.Based Complement Alternat.Med., in press, 2013. [Abstract]

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