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1) Zhou Y., Tanaka T., Sugiyama N., Yokoyama S., Kawasaki Y., Sakuma T., Ishihama Y., Saiki I., Sakurai H.:
p38-mediated phosphorylation of Eps15 endocytic adaptor protein.
FEBS Lett., 588(1), 131-137, 2014.[Abstract]
2) Ueda J., Athikomkulchai S., Miyatake R., Saiki I., Esumi H., Awale S.:
(+)Grandifloracin,an antiausterity agent induces autophagic PANC‐1 pancreatic cancer cell death .
Drug Design Develop.Ther., 8, 39-47, 2014.[Abstract]
3) Saitoh Y., Terada N., Ohno N., Hamano A., Okumura N., Jin T., Saiki I., Ohno S.:
Imaging of thtombosis and microcirculation in mouse lungs of initial melanoma metastasis with in vivo cryotechnique.
Microvasc Res., 91, 73-83, 2014. [Abstract]
4) Kato S., Hayakawa Y., Sakurai H., Saiki I., Yokoyama S.:
Mesenchymal-transitioned cancer cells instigate epithelial cancer cells to metastasis through secretion of WNT3 and WNT5B.
Cancer Sci., 105(3), 281-289, 2014. [Abstract]
5) Lei T., Ohno N., Huang Z., Wu B., Sakoh T., Saitoh Y., Saiki I., Ohno S.:
Bioimaging of fluorescence-labeled mitochondria in subcutaneously grafted murine melanoma cells by the"in vivo cryotechnique".
J.Histochem.Cytochem., 62(4), 251-264, 2014. [Abstract]
6) Abdelhamed S., Yokoyama S., Refeet A., Ogura K., Yagita H., Awale S., Saiki I.:
Piperine Enhances the Efficacy of TRAIL-based Therapy for Triple-negative Breast Cancer Cells.
Anticancer Res., 34(4), 1893-1899, 2014. [Abstract]
7) Hafiyani L., Yokoyama S., Abdelhamed S., Hayakawa Y., Saiki I.:
Bufadienolides overcome TRAIL resistance in breast cancer cells via JAK-STAT pathway.
Altern. Integ. Med., 3(2), ID1000154, 2014. [Abstract]
8) Xuyen P.T., Thuong P.T., Khoi N.M., Hang P.T.N., Hayakawa Y., Yokoyama S., Saiki I.:
Ent-18-acetoxy-7β-hydroxykaur-16-en-15-one from Croton tonkinensis induces cell death and down-regulates anti-apoptotic gene XIAP through NF-kB signaling.
J. Med. Materials-Hanoi., 19, N1,3-8, 2014. [Abstract]
9)  Yu L., Trujillo M., Miyanaga S., Saiki I., Igarashi Y.:
Campechic acids A and B: anti-invasive polyether polyketides from a soil-derived Streptomyces.
J. Nat.Prod., 77(4), 976-982, 2014. [Abstract]
10) Kaneto N., Yokoyama S., Hayakawa Y., Kato S., Sakurai H., Saiki I.:
RAC1 inhibition as a therapeutic target for the gefitinib-resistant non-small cell lung cancer.
Cancer Sci., 105(7), 788-794, 2014. [Abstract]
11) Habibie., Yokoyama S., Abdelhamed S., Awale S., Sakurai H., Hayakawa Y., Saiki I.:
Survivin suppression through STAT3/β-catenin-survivin axis is essential for resveratrol-induced melanoma apoptosis.
Int. J. Oncol., 45(2), 895-901, 2014. [Abstract]
12) Lou C., Takahashi K., Irimura T., Saiki I., Hayakawa Y.:
Identification of hirsutine as an anti-metastatic phytochemical by targeting NF-κB activation.
Int. J. Oncol., 45(5), 2085-2091, 2014. [Abstract]
13) Holmes M.L., Huntington N.D., Thong R.P., Brady J., Hayakawa Y., Andoniou C.E., Fleming P., Shi W., Smyth G.K., Degli-Esposti M.A., Belz G.T., Kallies A., Carotta S., Smyth M.J., Nutt S.L.:
Peripheral natural killer cell maturation depends on the transcription factor Aiolos.
Int. J. Oncol., 33(22), 2721-2734, 2014. [Abstract]
14) Ajdzanovic V., Medigovic I., Zivanovic J., Mojic M. and Milosevic V.:
Membrane steroid receptor-mediated action of soy isoflavones:
Tip of the iceberg. J. Membr. Biol., PMID: 25362531, 2014. [Abstract]
15) Kee J-Y., Inujima A., Andoh T., Tanaka Ken., Li F., Kuraishi Y., Sakurai H., Shibahara N., Saiki I., Koizumi K.:
Inhibitory effect of Moutan cortex aqueous fraction on mast cell-mediated allergic inflammation.

J. Nat. Med., DOI 10.1007/s11418-014-0880-6, 2014. [Abstract]
16) Kee J-Y., Ito A., Hojo S., Hashimoto I., Igarashi Y., Tsuneyama K., Tsukada K., Irimura T., Shibahara N,, Takasaki I., Inujima A., Nakayama T., Yoshie O., Sakurai H., Saiki I., Koizumi K.:
CXCL16 suppresses liver metastasis of colorectal cancer by promoting TNF-α-induced apoptosis by tumor-associated macrophages.
BMC Cancer., 14(1), 949. doi: 10.1186/1471-2407-14-949, 2014. [Abstract]

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