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1) Hayashi M., Kai C., Matsuda A., Naoe T., Ohtsu A, Okazaki T, Saji H., Sata M., Sugimura H., Sugiyama Y., Toi M. and Irimura T.: Report, Report on the use of non-clinical studies in the regulatory evaluation of oncology drugs, Cancer Sci. 107: 189-202, 2016.[Abstract]
2) Lou C., Yokoyama S., Abdelhamed S., Saiki I. and Hayakawa Y.: Targeting ATM pathway for effective therapy against hirsutine-resistant breast cancer cells. Oncology Lett., 12(1): 295-300, 2016.[Abstract]
3) Sasaki S., Baba T., Nishimura T., Hayakawa Y., Hashimoto S.I., Gotoh N. and Mukaida N.: Essential roles of the interaction between cancer cell-derived chemokine, CCL4, and intra-bone CCR5-expressing fibroblasts in breast cancer bone metastasis. Cancer Lett., 378(1): 23-32, 2016..[Abstract]
4) Matsuo K., Koizumi K., Fujita M., Morikawa T., Jo M., Shibahara N., Saiki I., Yoshie O. and Nakayama T.: Efficient use of a crude drug/herb library reveals Ephedra Herb as a specific antagonist for TH2-specific chemokine receptors CCR3, CCR4, and CCR8. Front. Cell Dev. Biol. (Cell Adhesion and Migration), doi: 10.3389/fcell.2016.00054.
5) Abdelhamed, S., Ogura, K., Yokoyama, S., Saiki, I. and Hayakawa, Y.: AKT-STAT3 pathway as a downstream target of EGFR signaling to regulate PD-L1 expression on NSCLC cells. J. Cancer 7(12), 1579-1586, 2016.[Abstract]
6) Kimura Y., Nagai N., Tsunekawa N., Sato-Matsushita M., Yoshimoto T., Cua D., Iwakura Y., Yagita H., Okada F., Tahara H., Saiki I., Irimura T. and Hayakawa Y.: IL-17A-producing CD30+ Vδ1 T cells drive inflammation-induced cancer progression. Cancer Sci., in press, 2016..[Abstract]
7) Kato S., Yokoyama S., Hayakawa Y., Li, L., Iwakami Y., Sakurai H. and Saiki I.: p38 Pathway as a key downsream signal of CTGF to regulate metastatic potential of NSCLC. Cancer Sci.,1416-1421., 2016.[Abstract]

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