Division of Pathogenic Biochemistry
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The Major purposes in our division are to analyze the pathogenesis of various diseases such as cancer metastasis & immunological diseases, to examine the regulatory effects of traditional medicines & their components and to determine the molecular mechanisms using biochemical, genetical, and immunological methods. In addition to investigate the isolation and identification of effective components from traditional medicines, it is also importatnt to study the holistic patterns of symptoms and individual pathogenic alterations, so-called "Sho", by which the diagnosis of diseases states and the ways of treatment including prescriptions are determined. We have been studying the "Sho" to elucidate the molecular basis of pathogenic alterrations in response to the traditional medicines by advanced technologies of molecular biology and immunology.

The following projects are now under investigation.

I. Control of tumor growth and metastasis

 1. Screening of effective substances in various tumor models 
 2. Control of tumor invasion and metastasis by various compounds
3 Molecular mechanism for epitherial-mesenchymal transition
II. Investigation of the role of innate immune responses in cancer/immuno-pathology and its application for drug discovery
 1. NK cell biology and their roles in the immune response to cancer 
 2. Role of innate immune responses in the cancer progression


Real-time in vivo imaging of cancer pathogenesis
III. Pharmacological and biomedical analysis of natural medicines
 1. Combination therapy of anti-cancer agents and natural medicines 
 2. Effects of natural medicines on protein phosphorylation
 3. Effects of natural substances on epitherial-mesenchymal transition
 4. Effects of natural substances on innate immune signaling pathways
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Division of Pathogenic Biochemistry
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