WATANABE Shiro Associate Professor

AffiliationLaboratory of Nutritional Biochemistry, Section of Host Defences, Division of Bioscience, Department of Research and Development

Research fieldsBiochemistry of Lipids

Campus careerPh.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Biography Academic Research Staff


Graduate school of Nagoya City University

Job career

1992-1999 Nagoya City University
1999-present University of Toyama

Research theme





Outline of the research

Our goal is to elucidate the mechanism by which natural medicines exert the beneficial effects on various diseases through the analysis of lipid metabolism.


Watanabe S, Fujita K.: Dietary Hyodeoxycholic Acid Exerts Hypolipidemic Effects by Reducing Farnesoid X Receptor Antagonist Bile Acids in Mouse Enterohepatic
Tissues. Lipids, 49:963-973, 2014

Watanabe S., Fujita K., Tsuneyama K., NoseM.: Changes in liver lipidomics associated with sodium cholate-induced liver injury and its prevention by boiogito, a Japanese herbal medicine, in mice. Trad Kampo Med, 3: 9-19, 2015.

Fujita K., Iguchi Y., Une M., Watanabe S.: Ursodeoxycholic acid suppresses lipogenesis in mouse liver: Possible role of the decrease in β-muricholic acid, a farnesoid X receptor antagonist. Lipids 52. 335-344, 2017.

Watanabe S., Fujita K., Nishida T., Imura J.: Ameliorative effect of animal bile preparations on dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis in mice. Trad Kampo Med, 5: 67-74, 2018.

Watanabe S., Chen Z., Fujita K.: Boiogito prevents dietary lithocholic acid (LCA)-induced cholestatic liver injury through the suppression of intestinal LCA absorption. Trad Kampo Med, 6, 71-78, 2019


Fatty acid ,Bile acid,omega3