Outline of our lab.

There are two major research targets as below. (Figure 1) Figure 1:Outline of our lab.(Closeup view)

Studies on biosynthesis of bioactive substances in traditional natural medicines

  1. Crystal structure analyses and structure-based engineering of plant-specific polyketide synthases
  2. Structure basis for indole prenyltransferase from Aspergillus fumigatus
  3. Heterologous expression and functional analysis of novel enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of bioactive substances

Basic research for naturally occurring bioactive substances in traditional natural medicines

  1. Discovery of naturally occurring anti-HIV agents that inhibit HIV-1 Vpr protein from natural medicines and analysis of their inhibition mechanisms
  2. Studies on antibacterial agents from natural medicines based on the FtsZ's inhibitory activity
  3. Discovery of novel anticancer agents from natural medicines and synthesis of their derivatives
  4. Complex structure analyses between protein and natural product for developing novel medicines

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