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Publications 2008

Original papers

1) Tanaka K. and Komatsu K.: Comparative study on volatile components of Nardostachys Rhizome. J. Nat. Med., 62: 112-116, 2008.
2) Komatsu K., Sasaki Y., Tanaka K., Kuba Y., Fushimi H., Cai S. Q.: Morphological, genetic, and chemical polymorphism of Curcuma kwangsiensis. Nat Med., 62: 413-22, 2008.
3) Zhu S., Fushimi H., Komatsu K.: Development of a DNA microarray for authentication of ginseng drugs based on 18S rRNA gene sequence. J Agric Food Chem., 56: 3953-3959, 2008.
4) Tanaka K., Kuba Y., Sasaki T., Hiwatashi F., Komatsu K.: Quantitation of curcuminoids in Curcuma Rhizome by near-infrared spectroscopic analysis. J. Agric. Food Chem., 56: 8787-8792, 2008.
5) Tanaka K., Kuba Y., Ina A., Watanabe H., Komatsu K.: Prediction of cyclooxygenase inhibitory activity of Curcuma rhizome from chromatograms by multivariate analysis. Chem Pharm Bull., 5: 936-940, 2008.
6) Tanaka K., Tamura T., Fukuda S., Batkhuu J., Sanchir C., Komatsu K.: Quality evaluation of Astragali Radix using a multivariate statistical approach. Phytochem., 69: 2081-7, 2008.
7) Tohda C., Ichimura M., Bai Y., Tanaka K., Zhu S., Komatsu K.: Inhibitory effects of Eleutherococcus senticosus extracts on amyloid beta(25-35)-induced neuritic atrophy and synaptic loss. J Pharmacol Sci., 107: 329-339, 2008.
8) Tohda M., Hayashi H., Sukma M., Tanaka K. A novel candidate for an intrinsic depression-related factor found in NG108-15 cells treated with Hochu-ekki-to, a traditional oriental medicine, or typical antidepressants. Neuroscience Res., 62: 1-8, 2008.
9) Hou X. L., Takahashi K., Tanaka K., Tougou K., Qiu F., Komatsu K., Takahashi K., Azuma J.: Curcuma drugs and curcumin regulate the expression and function of P-gp in Caco-2 cells in completely opposite ways. Int J Pharm., 358: 224-229, 2008.
10) Maruyama T., Kamakura H., Miyai M., Komatsu K., Kawasaki T., Fujita M., Shimada H., Yamamoto Y., Shibata T., Goda Y.: Authentication of the traditional medicinal plant Eleutherococcus senticosus by DNA and chemical analyses. Planta Med., 74: 787-789, 2008.
11) Sasaki Y., Komatsu K., Nagumo S. Rapid detection of Panax ginseng by loop-mediated isothermal amplification and its application to authentication of Ginseng. Biol Pharm Bull., 31: 1806-1808, 2008.
12) Cai S. Q, Yu J., Wang X., Wang R. Q., Ran F. X., Shang M. Y., Cui J. R., Komatsu K., Namba T. Cytotoxic activity of some Asarum plants. Fitoterapia., 79: 293-297, 2008.
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