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  • Dinorcassane diterpenoid from Boesenbergia rounda rhizomes collected in Lower Myanmar
    Win N.N., Kyaw M.M., Prema, Ngwe H., Ito T., Asakawa Y., Okamoto Y., Tanaka M., Abe I., Morita H.
    Chem. Biodivers. in press

  • Two new quassinoids and other constituents from Picrasma javanica wood and their biological activities
    Prema, Wong C.P., Nugroho A.E., Awouafack M.D., Win Y.Y., Win N.N., Ngwe H., Morita Hiroshi., Morita Hiroyuki.
    J. Nat. Med. in press

  • Lignans with melanogenesis effects from Premna serratifolia wood
    Woo S., Hoshino S., Wong C.P., Win N.N., Awouafack M.D., Prema, Ngwe H., Zhang H., Hayashi F., Abe I., Morita H.
    Fitoterapia 133, 35-42 (2019)

  • A new tetrahydrofuran type lignan from Premna integrifolia wood
    Woo S., Wong C.P., Win N.N., Hoshino S., Prema, Ngwe H., Abe I., Morita H.
    Nat. Prod. Commun. in press

  • Brominated diphenyl ethers including a new tribromoiododiphenyl ether from a Vietnamese marine sponge Arenosclera sp. and their antibacterial activities
    Ki D., Awouafack M.D., Wong C.P., Nguyen H.M., Thai Q.M., Nu L.H.T., Morita H.
    Chem. Biodivers. in press

  • Synthesis and olfactory properties of Phantolide analogues in racemic and optically active forms
    Kawasaki M., Kuroyanagi S., Ito T., Morita H., Tanaka Y., Toyooka N.
    Flavour. Fragr. J. in press

  • A new alkylbenzoquinone from Embelia rowlandii Gilg. (Myrsinaceae)
    Bouzeko Tchomtchoua I.L., Ndontsa B.L., Nguekeu Mba Y.M., Awouafack M.D., Wong C.P., Mpetga Simo J.D., Mbouangouere R., Tane P., Morita H.
    Nat. Prod. Res. in press

  • A new sterol from the Vietnamese marine sponge Xestospongia testudinaria and its biological activities
    Nguyen H.M., Ito T., Win N.N., Vo H.Q., Nguyen H.T., Morita H.
    Nat. Prod. Res. in press

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