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  • Catenulobactins A and B, heterocyclic peptides from culturing Catenuloplanes sp. with mycolic acid-containing bacterium
    Hoshino, S., Ozeki, M., Awakawa, T., Morita, H., Onaka, H., Abe, I
    J. Nat. Prod. 81, 2106-2110 (2018)

  • Pogostemins A-C, three new cytotoxic meroterpenoids from Pogostemon auricularius
    Nguyen H.T., Tran L.T.T., Ho D.V., Le D.V., Raal A., Morita H.
    Fitoterapia 130, 100-104 (2018)

  • Huperphlegmines A and B, two novel Lycopodium alkaloids with un unprecedented skeleton from Huperzia phlegmaria and their acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activities
    Nguyen H.T., Doan H.T., Ho D.V., Pham K.T., Raal A., Morita H.
    Fitoterapia 129, 267-271 (2018)

  • Tetrahydrofuran lignans: Melanogenesis inhibitors from Premna integrifolia wood collected in Myanmar
    Win N.N., Woo S., Ngwe H., Prema, Wong C.P. Ito T., Okamoto Y., Tanaka M., Imagawa H., Asakawa Y., Abe I., Morita H.
    Fitoterapia 127, 308-313 (2018)

  • Three new abietane-type diterpinoids from the leaves of Indonesian Plectranthus scutellarioides
    Ito T., Rakainsa S.K., Nisa K., Morita H.
    Fitoterapia 127, 146-150 (2018)

  • A new coumaronochromone and a new alkanoyl-dihydrofuranoflavone glycoside from Eriosema robustum (Fabaceae)
    Awouafack M.D., Wong C.P., Tane P., Morita H.
    Phytochem. Lett. 27, 20-24 (2018)

  • Mirilactams C-E, novel polycyclic macrolactams isolated from combined-culture of Actinosynnema mirum NBRC 14064 and mycolic acid-contanining bacterium
    Hoshino S., Ozeki M., Wong C.P., Zhang H., Hayashi F., Awakawa T., Morita H., Onaka H., Abe I.
    Chem. Pharm. Bull. 66, 660-667 (2018)

  • Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of triterpenoid and phenolic derivatives from two Cameroonian Melastomataceae plants: Dissotis senegambiensis and Amphiblemma monticola
    Nzogong R.T., Ndjateu F.S.T., Ekom S.E., Fosso J-A.M., Awouafack M.D., Tene M., Tane P., Morita H., Choudhary M.I., Tamokou J-de-D.
    BMC Complem. Altern. Med. 18, 159 (2018)

  • Tricalycoside, a new cerebroside from Tricalysia coriacea (Rubiaceae)
    Awouafack M.D., Tane P., Morita H.
    Chem. Biodivers. 15, e1700472 (2018)

  • Two new pyrrolo-2-aminoimidazoles from a myanmarese marine sponge, Clathria prolifera
    Woo S., Win N.N., Wong C.P., Ito T., Hoshino S., Ngwe H., Aye A.A., Han N.M., Zhang H., Hayashi F., Abe I., Morita H.
    J. Nat. Med. 72,803-807(2018)

  • Three new sesquiterpene aminoquinones from Vietnamase Spongia sp. and their biological activities
    Ito T., Nguyen H.M., Win N.N., Vo H.Q., Nguyen H.T., Morita H.
    J. Nat. Med. 72, 298-303 (2018)

  • A new Limonoid from Chisocheton paniculatus fruit collected in Vietnam and its NO production inhibitory activity
    Nguyen H.T., Ho D.V., Raal A., Morita H.
    Nat. Prod. Commun. 13, 1255-1257 (2018)

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