Institute of Natural Medicine / University of Toyama

Division of Neuromedical Science


 From April 2017, Professor Tohda has led this laboratory.
We has progressed studies which aim at overcoming neurodegenerative diseases and aging-related diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, spinal cord injury and sarcopenia, etc. For development epochmaking pharmacotherapies and finding critical regulating factors against neurodegenerative diseases, we investigate them by multi-view points such as pharmacological, neuroscientifical and traditional medicinal approaches.

Originally, our division was establised as "Analytical Research Center for Ethnomedicines" on May, 1996. The division progressed studies in collaboration of pharmacognosy and neuropharmacology, managed the Museum of Materia Medica and constracted Ethmed database. During 1998−2004 year, as Visiting Professor and Associate visiting Professor, eleven foreign researchers energetically participated in investigations and database work. From year of 2005, works in the Center has been separated in" Division of Pharmacognosy", "Division of Biofunctional Evaluation" and "the Museum of Materia Medica", each projects are independently deepend.

Now, we proceed studiesas as "Division of Neuromedical Science" aiming to finding new therapeutical strategies for unmet medical needs such as Alzheimer's disease and spinal cord injury



Professor Chihiro Tohda, Ph.D.                            


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