Institute of Natural Medicine / University of Toyama

Division of Neuromedical Science


 From April 2017, Professor Tohda has led this laboratory.
We has progressed studies which aim at overcoming neurodegenerative diseases and aging-related diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, spinal cord injury and sarcopenia, etc. For development epochmaking pharmacotherapies and finding critical regulating factors against neurodegenerative diseases, we investigate them by multi-view points such as pharmacological, neuroscientifical and traditional medicinal approaches.


Message from Professor

When I observed shape of neurons under a microscope the first time, the beauty of the morphology and mysterious mechanism of networking grasped me. The profundity was enough to made me decided to be a scientist. As I clarified molecular mechanism of neuronal plasticity, I realized that what I actually want to accomplish throughout my life are studying therapeutic strategies for intractable neurodegenerative diseases and developing products by myself. I am lucky because Institute of Natural Medicine, University Toyama where I belong to, has piled up knowledges and experiences of a variety of natural medicine. Those rich sources gave me inspiration and interesting findings. Promising drug candidates as well as unknown biological mechanisms have been discovered. 
We are now challenging to develop “Botanical Drug” which is a new category of medicine in Japan. For the drug development, a wide view point and comprehensive strategies are required. A new regulatory rule also is necessary for producing Botanical Drug. Therefore, the guidance for approval of herbal extracts was prepared and is utilized as a new way to take advantage the efficacy and safety.  
I share my passion with my great lab members and collaborators, which I want to sublimate our findings to some products clinically used for human health care.  



Professor Chihiro Tohda, Ph.D.                            


Recent Major Studies in Laboratory


Yoshitaka TANIE(2nd grader Doctor course):Frontiers in Pharmacology

Norio TANABE(3rd grader Doctor course):Frontiers in Pharmacology