Institute of Natural Medicine / University of Toyama

Chihiro TOHDA (Professor)

Chihiro TOHDA, Ph.D. 


 Dr. Chihiro Tohda was born in Hokkaido, Japan. She was earned Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Science) from Hokkaido University in 1994. She worked as a Research Fellowship for Young Scientists of JSPS, and became an Assistant Professor in Research Institute for Wakan-yaku, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University. She moved to Research Center for Ethnomedicines, Institute of Natural Medicine, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University in 1996. From Nov. 1997, she worked at National Institute of Health (USA) for 4 months.

She became an Associate Professor and Head of Division at current laboratory in 2010, and a Full Professor in 2017.


・The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Divisional Scientific Promotions (2016).

・The Scientific Achievement Contribution Award of Medical and Pharmaceutical Society for WAKAN-YAKU (2014)

・Takemi Award for Young Scientists (2009)

・The Pharmaceutical Society Japan Award for Young Scientists in Hokuriku Branch (2007),

・The Best Award for Young Investigator of Japanese Society for Neurochemistry (2006),

・The Award for Young Investigator of Japanese Society for Neurochemistry (2006)


She focuses on pathophysiological molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and spinal cord injury, and challenges to establish new therapeutic strategies. Her “Traditional Medicine-based Drug Discovery” approach is original and useful integrating view of neuroscience and ethnomedicinal study.


Affiliated Academic Society

・The Japanese Society for Neurochemistry(councilor)
・The Japan Neuroscience Society

・The Japanese Pharmacological Society(councilor)
・The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
・Medical and Pharmaceutical Society for WAKAN-YAKU(the board of directors, delegate)
・The Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy
・Japan Medical Society of Spinal Cord Lesion
・Society for Neuroscience