WAKANYAKU Database Portal

WAKANYAKU Database Portal

This portal page shows links to the top pages of each database of WAKANYAKU (natural medicine).

INM Databases


This database provides various kinds of information on crude drugs, the compounds included, and Kampo formulas, such as the medical classification of disease by applications of Kampo formulas. The results of genetic (crude drug only), chemical, and biological analyses on crude drugs and Kampo formulas as well as compounds are also shown in this database.

WAKANYAKU Wiki Database

This database provides reviews on natural medicine, natural compounds isolated and identified in Institute of Natural Medicine, and LC-MS profiles of samples used in researches on natural medicine.


This database provides scientific information on crude drugs as well as the crude drug specimens stored in the Museum of Materia Medica. It is maintained by the Museum of Materia Medica.


This database provides information about what biological pathways and processes are predicted to be affected by Kampo formulas and crude drugs based on docking simulations and machine learning for predicting natural compound-protein interactions.

Exploratory Research Data

What is exploratory research?

Exploratory research project is an INM project in which libraries of natural medicines, such as crude drug extracts, are provided by INM, and researchers outside INM conduct bioassay using the libraries. The results are then published in an INM database. For more details, please see here.


List of extracts for exploratory research

Results of bioassay

The results of the bioassay with respect to exploratory research can be seen at Exploratory Research in TradMPD.

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