3 Departments & Center

3 Departments & Center

Department of Research and Development

In Department of Research and Development, we promote studies for aging-related diseases and preventive and preemptive medication, and research on resource development. In particular, we accelerate studies bridging basic researches and clinical researches, and aiming to discover novel drugs based on new mechanisms.

Division of Medicinal Resources

Division of Bioscience

Division of Complex Biosystem Research

Division of Presymptomatic Disease

Division of International Cooperative Research

Department of Clinical Application

We will promote clinical research aimed to create new application of ethical Kampo formulation and that aimed to develop botanical drug product. Thus, we will promote translational research in collaboration with Center for Clinical Research in University Hospital based on the seeds gained from basic research at Institute of Natural Medicine. In addition, we will feed back questions in the clinical practice to Institute of Natural Medicine and provide a bridge to reverse translational research.

Department of Academia-Industry-Government Collaboration

One of the missions of our Institute is the discovery and development of new medicines, which requires collaboration among industry, government, and academia. Department of Research Promotion for Industry-Government-Academia Alliance will identify our laboratory’s drug candidates and introduce them to other businesses and public institutions to promote the pharmaceutical developments.

Kampo Education and Training Center

In the model core curriculum for medical education, pharmaceutical sciences education and nursing education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has employed Kampo medicine. For example, in the 2018 revision of the model core curriculum for Japanese medical education, one sentence, ‘Outline the characteristics of Kampo medicine (traditional Japanese medicine), and indication and pharmacological effects of major Kampo formulas’, was observed. Herewith, many medical faculties address Kampo education. On the other hand, there is few academia who pursue Kampo medicine with Kampo concepts. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate academia capable of Kampo education.

The purposes of this center are (1) making the establishment of training system of Kampo education, (2) providing the Kampo clinical training to medical doctors and/or pharmacists.