Research area

Division of Complex Biosystem Research Unit

Outline of the research

Omics is a word that expresses the technique of investigating whole organisms, and comprehensively investigating in-vivo molecules is called omics analysis. Depending on the target, there are genomics (DNA), transcriptomics (mRNA), proteomics (protein), metabolomics (metabolites), and further lipidomics (lipid metabolites). In this field, we aim to integrate these omics analyzes and combine them with the analysis of biological phenotypes to comprehensively analyze individual life phenomena.

We study the functions of the transcription factors (CREBH and SREBP) that regulate the gene expression related to lipid metabolism. In the phenotypic analysis of living organisms, genetically modified mice, we study the development and improvement of lifestyle-related diseases. Finally, we aim to develop treatment strategies for diseases from dietary habits and natural medicines.

Research Projects

・Functional analysis of transcription factors that regulate glucose / lipid metabolism
・Study for nutrient metabolism regulation by cell-cell and tissue-tissue interaction
・Evaluation of treatment of lifestyle-related diseases by  natural medicines
・Study for the mechanism of lifestyle-related diseases caused by sleep disorders
・Establishment of information science analysis using integrated omics analysis

Researcher in charge