Research area

Section of Pharmacognosy, Division of Medicinal Resources Unit

Outline of the research

Aim to develop a strategy for the sustainable use of herbal drug resources, comprehensive studies have been conducted in the section of Pharmacognosy, including field investigation on medicinal plants and traditional medicines, molecular systematic, pharmacognostical, chemical, and pharmacological analyses on various crude drugs. We focus on the crude drugs that can be applied to aging-associated diseases or as preventive medicines, and dedicate to make a foundation for quality assurance of them being used as medicines and further to increase cultivation and domestic production of such herbal medicines.

Research Contents

  1. Field investigation on herbal drug resources around Asian countries and analysis on diversity of the medicinal plants.
  2. Authentication and quality evaluation on various herbal drugs with the purpose of selecting proper species for cultivation.
  3. Quality evaluation for development of botanical products derived from crude drugs, based on genetic polymorphisms and metabolomic analysis.
  4. Chemometric profiling of multiple components in crude drugs and Kampo formula using NMR, LC-MS, etc.
  5. Search and structure elucidation of bioactive compounds from traditional medicines.

Researcher in charge